Eclipse has diverse experience in many areas of tooling that include:

♦ Automotive ♦ Office Furniture ♦ Consumer Electronics ♦ Recreational Vehicle ♦ Dental ♦ Government Classified ♦ Guitar Faces ♦ Sound Barrier ♦ Heavy Equipment ♦ Aerospace ♦ Home Appliances

With this comes experience with many different types of products materials that include: fiber barrier, brass, aluminum, plastic, steel grades of CRS, HRS, half hard, dual phase, including DP590, DP780 and DP980 along with high strength including 120 KSI material that is being used in automotive bumpers as well as many safety parts in the automotive industry.

We specialize in the new build of line dies, transfer dies, and progressive dies. We have been involved with our customers in many areas such as product development, prototyping, design, engineering ,and management of large packages of tooling.