Upon the Contract Tool & Die Industry rests the responsibility for supplying the special tooling which makes mass production possible. This is a most serious responsibility. Relations between the manufacturer of special tooling and his customer should be on the highest plane of business conduct. The following ten fundamental truths will serve as practical guides for the conduct of  Eclipse Tool & Die in accordance with the high principles thus required:

  1. THE FOUNDATION of business is confidence, based on integrity, fair dealing, efficient service and mutual benefit.

  2. THE REWARD of business for good service rendered is fair profit.

  3. EQUITABLE CONSIDERATION and treatment are due customers, employees, management, capital  and the public at large.

  4. KNOWLEDGE, thorough and specific, is essential to lasting success and efficient service.

  5. CONTRACTS and promises should be carried out in letter and in spirit.

  6. GOODS & SERVICES should be as represented.

  7. WASTE in any form of capital, labor or materials is intolerable.

  8. CONTROVERSIES should, where possible, be adjusted by voluntary agreement.

  9. UNFAIR COMPETITION embraces all acts characterized by unfair practices.

  10. LAWFUL COOPERATION among those in the industry in support of the principles of business conduct will make them a vital force.

**This code was approved by the National Tool & Die Manufacturers Association 10/24/1946.  

**It is our hope that our customers and vendors will join us in our commitment to these principles  as daily business practice.