Download Eclipse's Global Die Standards in PDF Format

Our goal in compiling Eclipse’s Global Standards is to enable our customers to be able to continue to have tooling competitively built stateside and still be assured of the quality and support they are accustomed to. Our global standards were created to cover many different types of tooling. Many of the items may not even apply to your project. Please read the standards carefully. Treat them as a base point. If you see something that concerns you, please bring it to our attention. We can customize the standards to fit your needs.

Design: Design reviews will be conducted utilizing WEBEXÒ whenever possible.
Electronic file of detailed solids design furnished.
Die Set Construction: Die sets to be mild steel plate (max thickness 3 inches) or GM-238 cast or equivalent.

  • Heels on die set only as needed for die conditions. Heels to be 4140 or HRS with wear plates.
  • Castings will be thin wall construction. Outside walls 1.25" thick; inside walls .75" thick.
  • One-piece master die set construction on smaller transfer dies vs. individual die sets on sub-plate.
  • No upper mounting plates or idle stations for transfer dies.
  • No set up plates included

Trim/pierce Stations: A-2 or Cast Cut cast trim steels, depending on size.
GM190 or flame hardened 4140 for low volume
  • Trim Steels will be one piece up to 16" long to minimize number of details.

Trim steels may be milled or wire burned to finish size.
Trim steels may have pierce holes wire burned in section vs. die buttons to reduce machining & details.
  • Flat die buttons for round holes will be press fit.
  • Punches will be 1 piece CNC cut with foot when possible.
  • Urethane strippers will be used on cam pierce punches.
Retainers: Retainers other than purchased will be CRS
Form Stations:Wipe steels to be O-1 or A-2 or D-2 as necessary

    All form steels to be 4140 or GM-241.
  • Form steels will be inserted for adjustability only in the areas of the datum net surfaces of the part.

No coating of form steels.
Draw dies / stations: CNC machine finish unless otherwise required.

  • Draw posts will be cast & flame hardened or 4140 flame hardened if possible.
  • Draw ring: HRS plate with tool steel inserts.
  • Cavities will be inserted only if needed.
Pad Construction: Steel springs permissible.
    Spools permissible in pads and lifters

  • Strippers will be guided as necessary i.e. spools, keepers or pins & bushings.
  • Stripper pad will have a hot rolled burnout base plate with windows optional per our discretion.
  • Pilots will be in pads when possible.

    Only ball lock punches and pilots to be removable in press.

    Large strippers permissible with handling holes.


General notes: No early parts included unless specifically noted on quotation.

300 piece runoff at Eclipse included.

    Welded die sections permissible with customer notification

    No spare punches, buttons, details, or pilots included

    Shut height max listed on quote.

    Die locators will be a key in the bottom or side of 2 parallels.

    No ppk, cpk, or gage studies included.

    3-piece layout with specified points included.
  • Purchased components to be used wherever possible.
  • Bars and/or fingers not included.
  • One anti buckle sensor included.
  • Buy off run supported at your facility.

Eclipse feels strongly about the importance of being present at your facility for your start up run and initial tune in of the tooling we build for you. Eclipse will support and stand behind the tooling we build for you using the above standards. You can expect quality. If you wish further price reductions please ask us about discounts for packages, progressive payments, and prompt payment.